Temple of Huey

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Bow down and pay your respects at WhiteWater World’s shrine to world renowned Surf God Huey, ruler of good weather and sick waves.

For maximum thrills, The Temple of Huey is intertwined between the tracks of Dreamworld’s Cyclone Rollercoaster and offers triple the temptation and three times the thrills on an inner tube ride packed back-to-back with serpentine curves and screaming 360s.

Riders can feel the ultimate rush on Screamin Right Handers, take a trip back to Byron on Broken Headz or get gnarly and pay the price on Cut Snake.Pray for mercy in your specially designed tube for two and take it to the limit on three different slides, the second and third equally as menacing as the first.

With a lethal combination of open and closed high-speed drops, fast and slow sections and criss-crossing twists and turns, The Temple of Huey is every water park enthusiast’s Holy Grail.

Slide Operating Times:*
Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
Weekends: 10am - 5pm
*Operating hours subject to change without notice pending weather conditions. Operating times may vary during off-peak seasons.


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