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Triple Vortex - NOW OPEN Click here

Triple Vortex - NOW OPEN

High accelerations and decelerations as raft manoeuvres through the three Funnels.

Temple of Huey Click here

Temple of Huey

3 differently thrilling water slides.

The Little Rippers Click here

The Little Rippers

Clockwise or anti-clockwise. A duelling cannon bowl water ride.

The Rip Click here

The Rip

A cloverleaf tube designed for maximum carnage.

Super Tubes HydroCoaster Click here

Super Tubes HydroCoaster

An innovation in waterslide thrills and technology.

The Green Room Click here

The Green Room

The biggest funnel of fun in Australia.

The Bro Click here

The Bro

Race head  first into a maze of thrilling twists and turns.

The Wedgie Click here

The Wedgie

Australia's first drop and loop waterslide!